Top Online Coding Courses for Kids

Online Coding Courses For Kids

The world around us, especially in the technology field, is changing really fast. In the early 80s, the tech world was nascent, and in the start of the 21st century, technology was getting adopted all around with personal computers and mobiles becoming the norm and that is when the digitization started, and now we entered a new phase of rapid benefits from decision-making technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to reaping the benefits of all the digitization we did in the last two-three decades. This means that there is a huge change even for children too. Therefore, for the children today, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) has been taken to a centre-stage in schools, evaluation tests, scholarship programs, and after-school programs.

At UnicMinds, we provide programming lessons for kids in more than 25 courses ranging from basic to intermediate and advanced courses. A brief of some of the top programming and computer-science courses that are popular is as follows.

Arduino Robotics for Kids

In this Arduino Robotics course, children will learn the basics of electricity and electronics, building small circuits, radio communications, working with sensors, PCBs, and DC motors, and will build different types of smaller robots in practice and on simulators. Children will make small scale robots based on motors, sensors, various platforms, and code them.

Python for Kids

Children will be introduced to Python, a popular programming language and a popular course at UnicMinds. They will learn the fundamentals of Python language and create projects based on the concepts learnt. They’ll work with simple and complex data in this programming environment and will be comfortable coding in Python to build various GUI applications, games using Pygame, data science using Python, and more.

3D Game Development Course for Kids

Children can learn to develop games using various platforms such as Minecraft, Unity, Roblox, and more. They’ll first be exposed to fundamental programming concepts that are universal for any programming in the future such as variables, data types, loops, conditionals, functions, arrays, API calls, and databases. They will learn these concepts and build various games using these concepts. They will learn various concepts related to game development such as spawning objects, working with sprites, physio-mechanics, coding for concepts such as gravity and space dynamics, building properties of various game objects, and using sensors on the devices, providing them a high-quality integrated learning experience that they can apply in the future learning.

App Development for Kids

In the app development course for kids, kids will learn the basic constructs of programming such as variables, data types, loops, conditionals, functions, arrays, and file-handling. They will apply these concepts in using JavaScript to develop various apps.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Juniors

This AI & ML Basics for Children course provides them the basics of how we teach machines to make decisions, and the very basics of probability in a simple and relatable manner. Students will be introduced to basic concepts of supervised and unsupervised learning techniques and help them develop an intuition on classification, prediction, and description problems for computers. Students will create multiple smaller projects and write code using various AI libraries that consolidate their intuition and concepts into practice.

Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security for Juniors

Build your awareness of how things can become vulnerable on digital platforms. Understand how hackers think by understanding tools such as Kali Linux, Hydra, Maltego, WireShark, Hashing techniques, Encryption techniques, and more. Understand what kind of vulnerabilities we’re prone to with connected devices, wireless technologies, and common mistakes and issues on websites. This will help teenagers to become more aware and be careful of their practices on the internet. Students will learn about the various regulatory bodies and safe practices that everyone should be aware of. Students have loved this course as it provides a great perspective to them on computer networking, wave communications, computer mathematics, and how to safeguard themselves and general infrastructure at home or elsewhere.

At UnicMinds, our core computer-science curriculum for kids is designed to provide an excellent foundation in problem-solving, computational-thinking, and programming constructs. Our courses are the most foundational and are most elaborately designed for kids by Ivy league alumni, providing foundational thinking for children starting from transistors and flip-flops to top notch programming skills and computer mathematics. If you’re looking for online courses for kids, look no further and take a free trial class at UnicMinds.

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