The Dunn Park in Mississauga – an excellent part of the history of the town

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If you have visited the Mississauga region before, you might have heard about the Dunn Park. The park has been around since 1996 and has been a great venue for the merry makers and nature lovers alike. What makes the park so much special and unique? Let us explore the Dunn Park and find what does it offer you for an enjoyable and unique experience.

What is Dunn Park?

The Dunn Park is one of the most popular and unique destinations in Mississauga and has stood the test of time since quite long. The property was actually bequeathed by George Donald Dunn to the Mississauga city in 1996. Ever since then, the park has been serving the citizens like never before. located at 2159 Rogers Road, the venue has been a unique point of attraction in the city.

The property was owned by several generations of the Dunn family and they also had a mansion therein. The last heir to a part of the property, George Donald Dunn, was a bachelor and decided to bequeath the property to the city of Mississauga in 1996. His desire was that the lands were to be maintained in a park-like condition. In honor of his wishes, the property was converted into a park and was named after the Dunn family.

What does the Dunn Park have today?

If you visit the Dunn Park today, you will witness a wide range of attractions that would take you back into the history. You can find the foundation of the original house. The house was built in 1830, but was lost to fire in 1995.

You can also walk through the former farm lane which can give you a feeling of walking through the history. You would also notice an interpretive plaque on the history of the property. If you are lucky enough, you may also witness a couple of former farm implements in the property.

Yet another attraction in the Dunn Park that you will find quite interesting and unique would include Mississauga’s Millennium Grove. This is home to more than 70 species of trees which are indigenous to Southern Ontario. The south end lets you have a look at the remnant of Rogers Road.

Well, if you found the Dunn Park an interesting piece of land for moving int to the history and explore it further, we do not think it should bee a tough task. If you are not in Mississauga or close to the Dunn Park, it may be a good ideal to hire a good transportation option that would take you closer to the park and let you move through the lessons of history. Go with a reliable and affordable transport option and opt for a guide who knows the location really well. You can check out the best options for the Mississauga party bus rentals if you have a large group, or hire a Mississauga limo if you are a small family. Either way, you would find the experience in Mississauga one of the most unique ones in every sense of the word.