Niagara – the region beyond the Falls

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Niagara is known for the water falls world over. However, does the region have only the water falls? How about checking out a few of the other attractions in the region?  Niagara does provide you access to an enhanced experience in several ways apart from just the falls and find how to get the best possible experience ever.

Get an exclusive zipline view

The zipline view that you would get access should be one of the excellent choices for a great degree of excellence ever. However, do note that the activities like this are specifically designed for those of you looking for the adrenaline jumps. You would get access to the views of both the American and Canadian sides from the sky. The 670-metre-high journey should take you onto another world.

Check out the best hiking options

The Niagara region does provide you access to a great number of hiking trails. Once again, this should be an activity for those of you looking for the adrenaline jumps. The Niagara Gorge is one of the prominent options from this perspective. The 2.5 km hiking trail should let you enjoy one of the unique experiences ever. There are a host of flora and fauna along with the geological formations that you would want to enjoy like never before.

Enjoy theatre at its best

Are you in awe of the theatre and looking for some great shows that you would want to enjoy in the vicinity of the falls? There is a Shaw festival that should help you get a great and truly powerful degree of experience in terms of enjoying one of the most unique experiences ever. The theatre festival takes place here in August every year. Started in 1962, the festival has been going though quite regularly over the years.

Enjoy some ice wine

The Niagara region is known for the best wineries and you would find the wine tours one of the unique experiences here. Simply opt for a reliable and professional Toronto limo bus rental that has wine tours as part of the package and explore what the surroundings have in store for you. You can try out and even buy the luxurious and celebrated wines here. The Ice wine of the Niagara region has been world famous and you should be someone quite lucky to be able to enjoy the wines.

Visit a concert

Are you a music lover? The Niagara region does have access to plenty of options for enjoying one of the most unique experiences in terms of best concerts. The Ontario Live Concert Series is one of the unique attractions that you would never want to miss out on. You can witness the performances from a few of the top talent in the Ontario region.

Well, the Niagara is not the destination for the falls alone. You will witness a host of other attractions and activities here that you would find quite impressive and exciting in its own way. A few of the options outlined here should be helpful in letting you get access to a few perfect attractions.