The Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Your Limousine

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Limousine services Kitchener is one of the most luxurious modes of transportation around, but they also come with some drawbacks. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or waiting around in airports, you’ll be spending more time in your limo than you would if you had just driven yourself to your destination. To get the most out of your limousine, follow these three secrets so that you’re able to maximize your time and your comfort while you’re chauffeured around town.

Play The Music

If you want your limo experience to go off without a hitch, take the time to get familiar with the music system. A lot of limos will have a controller for an iPod or CD player built into the console. Sometimes these systems can be confusing, so study up on how to use it before you hop in. When in doubt, just play some tunes from a personal music library and set the mood by turning up the volume. If your driver has a good playlist already going, don’t be afraid to ask if they’ll change anything. They might even suggest something awesome! Never underestimate the power of music. Just make sure not choose something that may offend anyone riding along with you!

Bring A Bottle If You Want Drinks.

If you’re planning on having a good time, then you may want to think about bringing a bottle of champagne or your favorite liquor. The reason why it’s a good idea is because that way, you’ll be able to drink freely during your limo ride. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t part of your package as long as you have someone that can legally drive taking you home, you should bring a bottle. You could even get together with some friends and split one. But whatever you do, don’t drink and drive!

Take Pictures and Videos When You First Get In, And During the Ride

Record the entrances and exits of your ride. It’s perfectly fine to get out of the limo once you reach your destination, but it also might be fun to document your entire ride in high definition. You never know when you will want or need these memories! Make sure you take some great shots of the limo’s exterior, the driver’s uniform, and the license plate so you can remember exactly who picked you up later on.

Smile At Everyone!

No matter what people are paying for their ride, everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. So instead of frowning at your fellow passengers or standing aloof from their conversations, learn how to be friendly and cordial. Even if it’s your first-time riding in a limo or you were picked up by one as part of an arranged event—and therefore don’t feel like you know anyone—it’s still possible to chat and strike up pleasantries with other riders.

Sit In the Back Seat

Contrary to popular belief, sitting in the back seat of your limo isn’t some kind of VIP badge that puts you above the plebeians. The back of the car is the quietest place to ride. The best drivers tend to hang out in the back seat, where they can converse with their passengers.