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animation training toronto

Duration: 40 hours (4-8 hrs/day)

Grade: 5 to 12

Cost: $ 1999 + HST

Course Overview

After completion of this course, you will be able to do the following tasks:

  • Construct storyboards and demonstrate carefully planned camera
    shots crucial to producing a superior demo reel
  • Create sophisticated animations through well planned use of staging, anticipation, exaggeration and follow through, producing character performances that convey individual expression, mood, personality and style
  • Use of 3D software using both software vendor designed projects
  • Use workflow fundamentals of creating special effects requiring dynamic simulations.
  • Will create realistic looking materials and lighting effects plus use cameras to produce final rendered images of their animated scenes.
  • Students will learn techniques of adding progressively refined movements to convey individual personality and behavior including effective character interactions
  • Learn how to set up basic facial animation and lip-syncing techniques
  • Learn practical skills to creating, styling and controlling the animation of fur, cloth and soft bodies as enhancements to their characters
  • Will provide individual guidance and constructive problem solving input in concluding animation and rendering work towards completing final demo reel
  • Communication, professional skills and industry practices.

Course Contents

  1. Modeling 1
  2. Animation 1
  3. Rendering 1
  4. Special Effects 1
  5. Design 1
  6. Modeling 2
  7. Animation 2
  8. Rendering 2
  9. Paint effects
  10. MEL
  11. Modeling 3
  12. Animation 3
  13. Rendering 3
  14. Portfolio and Business Practice
  15. Particles & Dynamics

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