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Duration: 40 hours (4-8 hrs/day)

Grade: 5 to 12

Cost: $ 1999 + HST

Course Overview

The most important, but least emphasized as a career in the video game industry, is game play, or what makes the game compelling and entertaining. This course prepares you to move from being a video game programmer, a game artist, or animator to being the influential leader of the game designing processes. This course is the most up-to-date, tightly focused method of driving your career in Video Gaming to the next level. You will be exposed to the entire game development process, from brainstorming the ideas, to establishing the focus, to writing the storytelling, to documenting the design.

Course Objectives

  • The objective of this course is to facilitate your professional growth into the world of video game development as a Game Designer.
  • To equip the student with the technical knowledge and skills vital for success in vocational endeavors.

Course Prerequisites

  • Software & application knowledge:
    • Windows
    • FTP
    • Files and folders
    • Email
    • Chat
    • Windows media
    • Excel
    • Microsoft
    • Project
    • PowerPoint
  • Skill-sets:
    • Basic PC skills
    • Knowledge of computers
    • Better than average understanding of the Internet
Course Outline
  1. The History of Games
  2. Design Rules (aka the Player's Bill of Rights)
  3. Understanding Genres
    1. First-Person Shooter
    2. Platform
    3. RPG
    4. Strategy
    5. Sports
    6. Adventure
  4. Breakout Trends
  5. Game Development Process
  6. The Business of Games
  7. Game Review Workshop

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